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95th Powder Horn help
Rifle sections in Line Regiments?
Hypothesis regarding Trousers / Pantaloons
Brush and Prick (Pick)
Ramrod: What end to ram with?
Facial Hair
In search of the "Belgic"
Greatcoats.... A question of design
Inspection of the Soldier
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Forum site for 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles re-enactment society
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95th Powder Horn help
Hello, I'm wondering if people could give their thoughts on this powder horn?
Rifle sections in Line Regiments?
As you probably know, ten Baker Carbines were initially issued to each Light Dragoon troop in the 14th and 15th, which was increased to 100 per regiment.
Many thanks for the add, chaps.

For those that don't know me already, I'm with 15th (Kings) Light Dragoons (Hussars) and head up the mounted element of the Danske Auxiliarkorps here in Denmark. Anyone attending LBE this year will find me riding as a Danish Hussar.

Kind regards,

(Stephen Bennett)
Brush and Prick (Pick)
This self portrait seems to show a brass chain used for the brush and prick.
Ramrod: What end to ram with?
Here is an interesting piece which was found in a newspaper dated March 1798:

"The Duke of York, on the Kings return from court yesterday, brought with him two Hungarian soldiers, who are to serve in the 60th Regiment of foot, for His Majesty's inspection. They were dressed in the regimentals of the country, which consisted of an olive-green jacket, blue pantaloons, black gaiters striped with red, and wore on their heads hussar caps with a green feather: they were accoutere ...
Facial Hair
From 'Military Customs' Major T J Edwards  5th edition 1961 p206 : Memorandum  11th February 1828 by Adjutant General Sir Henry Torrens as reproduced in JSAHR VOL XXII P 305

"The practice of wearing moustachios is now growing into very general extent throughout the Service.
There never was any precise Order or Regulation under which this habit was permitted, even in the Hussars. But a kind of understanding existed, that it was tolerated by permission of authority, in that ...
In search of the "Belgic"
Er, sorry to go back a few years in this thread with nothing useful to add, but a quick query -

Eddie, Neibelungen - that JSAHR article listing the Carlton house pattern headgear - does it imply that the surviving Prince's patterns were headgear only, or did they include garments?
Serjeants sash; the wearing of
Hi chaps, hoping to pick your brains on the wearing of Serjeants sashes.
Is there any known answer to how they were worn? By this I mean were they worn above the waistbelt, underneath the waistbelt or around the waistbelt? Also what is the regulation on the side for the sash to be knotted? I've heard both on the same side as the sword and on the opposite side.
Inspection of the Soldier
Hello Folks

I came across this and thought it worthwhile to share as I have seen little anywhere about routine inspections - from'Standing Orders of the Archenfield Militia '1812 ( Google books)

Inspection of a Company, &c.

"THE Captains and Officers attached to companies, should always inspect their men previous to parades, yet, as during the annual training, the men are necessarily kept so much under arms, a minute inspection will only be required previous to th ...

For those who are concerned, or who may be concerned with the reproduction of GR markings. Here is a perfectly provenanced example from 1810, found in WO papers at Kew.

Apologies for the poor state of the photography, this was taken a few years ago, and the file size is small by present standards.
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