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Forum site for 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles re-enactment society
Brush and Prick (Pick)

Recovered (?) whisk and pick from the Green Dragon Inn, Boston.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
From Waterloo Uncovered archaeology project. Supposedly dug up around Hougoumont:

Brush and Prick (Pick)
From Pierre Turner's "Accoutrements of the British Army, etc...", P53:

'...a regimental order of 1812 describes the buff straps used in the 56th Foot, "Picker(sic) and brush to be suspended by two buff straps 8 inches and inch broad."

Anyone got these Standing Orders?
Brush and Prick (Pick)
I believe the bar chain version of the whisk and pick is an American item. Fragments of the spring-like wires around the bars have been found amongst American remains of the 1812-14 period in Fort Erie, Canada.
In Hamilton-Smith's art, he often appears to show the thin buff straps; it's nice to finally have some measurements.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
Here is another image of the U.S. whisk and pick.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
Hamilton Smith and some occupation images - Genty in particular, show brush and picker on straps we may presume to be buff leather. I wonder if leather straps was the norm - but none survive today?

and yet the Rifleman has chain :
Brush and Prick (Pick)
I do not have the SO of the 56th, but this 1807 GO, quoted in Rene Chartrand's A Scarlet Coat, p. 50:

15 June 1807 - Loose coarse canvas trousers to be worn on marches at night and on fatigues; brush and prickers provided and attached to bayonet belt.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
These appear to be attached by chains.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
Detail from Occupation print - Courtesy ASKBrown.

Brush and Prick (Pick)
The Dutch Line Infantry Bataillon nr. 8 was raised in Prussia in late 1813 as the 2nd Bataillon, Dutch Legion of Orange. Alone of the three bataillons of that legion it was dressed and equipped from British stores while in Germany. During 1814 it retained the scarlet coatees and stovepipe shakos from this first uniform. According to an inspection report from 10 February 1816 (war department correspondence 2.13.01, inv. nr. 235, lettre of 27 February 1816 nr. 37) the sergeants still wore their English swords (instead of briquets) and the men wore all leather straps on the chest to which were attached pricker and brush.

Normaly the Dutch used a brass chain with pricker like the French, which was ordered to be attached to a brass domed plate on the pouch belt in that year. Until then it must have been attached to a coat button.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
The discussion in this thread--particularly the Hamilton-Smith and Genty images, the 56th SO, and the lack of alternative images--strongly suggest to me that buff leather straps were the norm (at least among line units).  The group I belong to wears the red rag, and accordingly has decided to move from chain to leather attachment for the brush and pricker.  Pic of my new one below.

Brush and Prick (Pick)
Contrary to popular belief, necessaries were regulated and supposed to follow pattern. As such, we ought to aim for greater uniformity in this item in the 2/95th. This is not so imperative for items like the turnscrew which are less on display, but the pick and wisk are very much so, and as such ought to be uniform. Like everything in or on you, you should consult MC before replacing or changing to avoid purchase mistakes!

Either we all have the same chain version, or the same buff version. Lets hear any more evidence to hand, before deciding.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
This self portrait seems to show a brass chain used for the brush and prick.
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