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95th Powder Horn help
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Forum site for 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles re-enactment society
95th Powder Horn help
Hello, I'm wondering if people could give their thoughts on this powder horn?
95th Powder Horn help
Hmm... that lettering looks rather fresh...

Luke, do you have more pix? Anything of the nozzle?
95th Powder Horn help
"If something looks too good to be true, it's usually because it is"

There's an alarming propensity for dealers to 'sex up' objects by retrospectively adding engraving to them... the two things they ioften get wrong are:

1. They do too good a job; the bloke who engraved this (if genuine) would have been on his 795th horn by the time he got to this (assuming an allocation of 100 per Coy)... he'd be pretty slick but not taking much time over it.  Modern engravers tend to be jewellery trade, and are used to doing high quality work. Give them one thing to do and they'll do it carefully; too carefully for a guy who did hundreds every day.

2. They don't understand Regimental administration; the temptation is always to add a sexy Regimentel annotation. The reality is that Battalions are so large that they tend to occupy discrete spaces on Battlefields, Billets and Camps. The main problem in identifying kit is not between one Regiment and another, but between Pte Bloggs and Pte Smith, who've both come off stag in the middle of the night and mixed their kit up in the dark.  Next you need to know which Coy they're in, because you might mix kit up between the Coy on picket (for example) and the relieving Coy. Would you need to know this Horn belonged to the 95th? Unlikely, only Rifle Regiments have them anyhow, so it identifies itself. Rifle Bns were Brigade assetts so the next nearest Rifle Bn was likely to be in another Brigade... and therefore it's less likely that you'd mix your kit up with theirs.

The most usual markings one comes across are Company and Individual number. Regimental markings are less common, but you do get them. My main point is that I'd be more surprised to see a Regimental marking without a 'rack number', than a rack number without a Regimental marking.

Also bear in mind that Volunteer Corps often have their kit marked up with the unit for vanity reasons.
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