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Wonderful Site

Gentlemen all,

I found myself on the site while looking for something hardly relevant. I was then struck down by a bug and while it ran its course kept myself amused, entertained, entranced, challenged and above all educated on a subject I thought I knew a bit about, having read Harris, Costello and Surtees, plus the odd 'heavy' and cavalry account more than forty years ago. Boy, was I wrong! You have sent me off to various regulations, Standing Orders and other items I didn't even know existed and I have had and continue to have, a ball. I am so impressed by the attention to detail and the skills you have found when required to implement that detail.

Sadly I am far too old to take the King's Shilling, having taken the Queen's back in the 1950s (well, it was 3/- actually, but that's inflation for you. Hate to think what it is today). However I will continue to lurk and possibly post where I feel I have something to say, or indeed something to ask.

Yours Aye,

Paul Durrant

Many thanks for the kind words Mick - we're mighty glad it's being put to good use.

We also have additional stuff we're still researching so if you find yourself unable to locate certain info, feel free to ask.

If you have anything to post, check first that a thread doesn't already exist (there's so many threads and the search engine at the top is basic we know) and always quote chapter and verse. We obviously prefer info from primary source but will look at what we call "through-quotes" (someone else quoting original source) as long as it is stated thus.

Have fun!


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