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Ben Townsend

Winter kit down

Getting stuck in to this shortly. First things first:

1. My trusty Andy Burke boots need replacing if I want to stay dry at Waterloo. They have done seven seasons, and eight countries, and been twice resoled and refurbished by Andy, but a quick mince across a wet meadow lets the water straight in now. Had hoped they would last me one more season, but if theres one thing we know we'll get at Waterloo, its rain. And mud. And maybe a stupid NA parade where they all give each other medals. In the rain.

2. Mess tin cover. I've got one of the old black ones and need to replace it with a 'natural' coloured one. Who is holding/making?

3. Tompion. Anyone have a spare or good link? I get through the things like you wouldn't believe.
Paul Durrant

I'm in the same situ with boots,

Boots from Garlic (cheaper than AB)

MT cover from me
Tompion, Si?
Hagman's roadie

I might be able to rustle up some Tompions for Waterloo. Doesn't look like I'll have machinery in the workshop until after Christmas now.
Ben Townsend

I've always been an Andy Burke loyalist, because his aftercare has been excellent. I lose track of the number of times he has made field repairs for the price of a beer at events, and he travels a lot. But his boots have got expensive! Maybe I will try the Garlick. Or even spring for a Sarah Juniper. How much are Garlick's now?

Mess tin cover, yes please.

Si, put me down for half a dozen tompions please, gauges to follow. Any chance of novelty shapes?
John Waller

In the last year I got a pair of AB and Mrs W got a pair of KG boots. Andy's were about 170 and Kevin's about 20-30 less.. I only splashed out on Andy's because I got a bit of cash from hiring a tent to a TV company for 's:-) . Paid for a nice charleville as well.

My old KG's have given good service since 2000 but the uppers have finally split. I hope the new ones last as long.

For a cheaper option one chap I know got two pairs of all-leather square-toed chukka boots for 60. They look the biz.

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