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green coat

what to bring?

if i join what do i need to bring on my first training weekend?

Hi there. thanks for your enquiry. I take it you have been in touch with our Recruiting Sergeant, Blakey.

What training weekend was you planning on attending?

For your first training weekend you need to bring with you, sleeping bag and bed, a plate and KFS, mug and some plain black shoes or boots. we will try and kit you out in with the a undress uniform and cap. All food and soft drinks will be provided by the unit

Please let me know if you need any further help or advice.


Cpl Dave

About the boots or shoes... do you recommend any in particular? The only ones I have have red up them from work.

we will try and kit you out

You got the appropriates for a 6 foot 2 somebody?
The Sarge!


i don't appear to have any of your details ref joining, so if you ping me through the website, i can forward all the info you will need to know to get cracking.

look forward to hearing from you.

i have a shilling here waiting for the right man.

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