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cannon fodder

Wedding uniform req.


First of all apologies if this is a reoccuring request previously and if I get some of the terminology wrong.

I'm getting married on 4th May 2013 and plan to wear an 95th Officers uniform on the day. I've looked at the possibility of getting one made but it proved a bit costly so am now looking at hiring one from Angels Fancy dress in London. Went up there the other day for a fitting and was a bit dissapointed with the quality. It's a bit shabby and some of it doesn't seem to be historically accurate.

Tunic,shirt,cravat,sash and breast belt are passable and the shako I haven't seen yet but I'm in need of Green fall front trousers,sword belt and perhaps some decent boots. Also where do I stand regarding wearing a sword in public? Is it allowed and where could I get one.

So if any of you guys could suggest or recommend where I could source these it would be much appreciated.  Have a bit to spend but am on a budget.



Bexhill On Sea.
Ben Townsend

Hi Geoff,

You could do worse than hire from someone like Chris at Farthingale costumes. He should be able to help with boots and all the other bits you want.

The fail safe rule for carrying anything resembling a weapon in public is to call the local police force and alert them as to your intentions. It wont stop them from shooting you, but it means your life insurance will still pay out ;)
John Waller

I see you are getting married on International Star Wars Day (my birthday!). You really should be toting a light sabre - May the Forth be with you.

You could try

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