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Ben Townsend


As a new prospect, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend, and to seeing a bit of the gunpowder mills, though I see the insides will be shut. The sergeant won't be leaving any time for sightseeing though I imagine.
Let me introduce myself:
I have some background in 'dressing up' though often for 'the other side'. Perhaps you could think of me as a french deserter who's seen the (green) light!
Seriously, I'm looking forward to getting wet feet in some orrible period shoes this weekend.

Any of the other noobs care to identify yourselves if you're coming?
Cheers, Ben

Hi Ben

At least you won't be the only newbie at Waltham abbey.
I too am a newbie and I'm also looking forward to it...
Look forward to meeting you there..

Peter Smilie_PDT

Hi Guys, I'm looking forwards to the weekend and I'm an oldie. Providing the weather hold we should have a good time. Be warned the Sergeant is evil, even if we are up to our necks in water we will still be drilling.

Looking forwards to meeting you both, have a safe journey there.

All Best

Cpl Dave[b][/b]
The Sarge!

The Defil is me Sergeant

I am looking forward to seeing you all the weekend. If the weather holds we should have some fun, and may even get into the woods for a bit of skirmishing.

Failing that lots of foot and arms drill.  Smilie_PDT

For those that may be worried, there is a wet weather program too. i.e. doing stuff in the warm of the buildings, so i am not totally evil.  :twisted:

safe journey.

Yeah right Sarge,

Hugh is Evil

Cpl Dave[/b]
Ben Townsend

Beefcfc, you're coming from Ireland? Thats dedication, fair play.
The only thing that worries me about the sarge is he's a Pompey fan. Nobodies perfect I suppose.I  might just bring my wellys. At least they're green..

Yep coming from Ireland although I'm a Londoner by birth....
Flight leaves at 7;35 from Cork, the earliest flight.
So it's not too bad. I can see myself, turning left when everyone turns right or something like that  :o

The Sarge!


be good to see you all the way from the emerald island.

for my 1st 3 years with the group i tavelled from Germany to events, by car, have a fear of flying you see, not bad considering my job involved planes.

but the furthest i have travelled to be at an event was 8000 miles, yes 8000 miles from an enforced holiday i had in the falklands. that was a long weekend and a half i can tell you.

you will be well looked after, and should all things being well have a fantastic weekend.
Ben Townsend

Sounds like a schlep from the Falklands, hope you had a good book..

and I'm an oldie.

Too right Smilie_PDT

Unfortunately there are no planes, trains or automobiles which go to Waltham Abbey on the said dates....
So unless anyone is going past Wales, I can't make it.... *hint hint*

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