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If I have the 220 quid (which is more than likely) I'll buy a uniform* in February (during the training weekend) if that's all right.


*The Regimental suit, Forage cap, Gaiters, Stock and Shirt.
Ben Townsend

Ha ha, get in the queue Bill! I'm trying to get my boots sorted, so some kind soul doesn't have to clean a pair they've lent me. I've go some clogs but I don't think I can do the drill in them. Not that I can do the drill without them..
Paul Durrant

To be honest, I'd recommend spending the money on a pair of boots. Or better still, your rifle. Uniform can be loaned to you and built up as you go along. But boots and rifle...

Slipping into your own boots shaped to your feet, and wiping down your own rifle...not the same with borrowed stuff.

I started with my rifle back last March, quickly bought a pair of boots and was able to take to the field after several drill sessions and had a throughly enjoyable season - with borrowed kit of course. Nearly a year later I've nearly got it all. But I would have had to sit out most of the action if I'd not had my own rifle and boots. (There was only one event in the whole summer season I was able to borrow a weapon).

Hi Billy. The guys right. First of all apply for your shotgun license, then get your battle taxis {boots}, if you can your rifle and then regimental cap {shako}. These items we can't make in house. Your regimentals we can. You will first get your undress uniform which is about 40 and your foraging cap 15. By the time your ready to pass out as a Rifleman your regimentals will be ready and you'll be spankin in green.

We only ask for money for kit as and when we need it.

As Paul says some kit we can lend you whilst you are getting yours.

All Best

Ben Townsend

Can you list the approved suppliers of the regimental cap/shako.
Ta, Lala

Hi Ben, Blakey should have passed your details onto our QM Marc and he will send you our list of kit suppliers.

Cpl Dave

Right, I won't have the 400+ for the Rifle - I got my license ages ago now.

The thing is, by the time I've saved up for the rifle, I'll be wanting to spend the money on junk - I'm that sort of person with money - so if you say it's best getting boots and shako, I may as well have them Smilie_PDT

But if by the Will of God, I do have money for the Rifle and boots, I'll get those.

Thanks for the tips Smilie_PDT


How much would a working Infantry Rifle set you back, Its the biggest reason I put of coming back for sooooo long, I had one quote for over 1800 pounds, and I needed to be sure I had that amount spare (well sort of spare) before even thinking about joining up properly.
Paul Durrant

Are you talking about The Rifle in terms for reenactment? If so, on a shotgun license you'd buy a smoothbore one for just under 500 - Then there'd be the sword on top.

aye, obviously before making any rash purchases I would make sure I would find out if I am welcome,

Ive spent a couple of years doing Roman/Gladiator, for the main reasons being, good fun and allot cheaper, I am a spearman with helmet and chain mail armour and all my soft gear for wait for it............400 quid.

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