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Thought I would introduce myself

I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Paul Dines and I have been thinking of joining for a couple of years, but was always waiting for the right moment with work commitments etc. Well I have decided that sod work (well sort of) and just get on with joining. So I am coming ( with my family as well) for the Amherst weekend to see what you actually get up to.

I work abroad on and off for a few months of the year which can bugger things up a bit but I hope I will still be able to make it to a fare few events.

I was a Rifleman about 25 ish years in the Royal Green Jackets (TA), so it would be good to be a rifleman again.

See you at Amherst - ( Icelandic ash clouds allowing).

Paul  q4

Hello Paul
I can't make it to Amherst but I am sure you will be made very welcome. I am presuming you have made contact with Paul D and got all the details ?

It would be good to get you back literally into a green jacket ! You may find the drill has altered a little in the last 200 years.

Hi Eddie

Yes I did contact Paul and he is going to send me the details about the weekend.
I'm sure the drill has altered in the past 200 years, but I am guessing I have forgotten most of it over the past 25 years. I just realise I missed an important word in my first post 'ago' - it completely changes the sentence. So it was supposed to be was in the green jacket 25 years ago.
I am a Muppet sometimes

Cheers Paul

Hi Paul, and welcome to our forum and the 95th.

Just what we want is another Paul. LOL. We have 3 at the mo. Still they will offset the 3 Ben's.

Don't worry about drill. I'll beat what you know out of you and then beat what you need to know back in.

Look forwards to seeing you at Amherst.


Dave {one of the evil Serjeants}.

I would just like to say thank you all for a great weekend at Amherst. I cant wait until the next one.

Looking forward to getting some kit that I can fit into as well Smilie_PDT

Paul, Helena and Jakub

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