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thinking of joining

firstly thanks to the moderating team for letting me join this forum.
my name is nick walsh, i was the regimental medical officer with the 1st 95th about 5 years ago before they split i was a member for about 3-4 years. recently got to thinking might rejoin the colours, so made inquiries. the 1st 95th not doing a great deal apparently, 3rd 95th had a surgeon already so i thought the 2nd may not have a surgeon so here i am. i have all the kit already and i hope my officers tail tunic will be acceptable although i am hoping to get permission from your powers that be/commitee  to get a new uniform made up { i would not be in the command structure so purely for authenticity } so here is the design differences between a line officer {your c.o etc} and a medical officers dolman......
the dolman is only single breasted with a medical officers style of black russian braid starting at the neck a single line about 5" either side of the button and as you move down the buttons the lace gradually gets shorter each side until it is about 1.5" in length either side of the last ball button. {no round wide loops on the front but usual on the rest of the dolman as per a line officer} the pelise woulf have the same braiding etc as the dolman  with dark fur trim.
no crossbelt, whistle or cartridge box just a simple leather strap to a large medical bag with bugle badges where the whistle would have been and in the centre of the lid of the bag.
a marroon sash {not a barrel sash} around the waste and a sabre and belt no sabre tashe pouch.
standard trousers over short boots.
headgear is a bicorn with black plume and a shako in the officers style but with a black plume instead of green.
would this be suitable and approved of i was wondering?
or even would a new regt "captain" surgeon be acceptable to all your members?
i look forward to hereing your veiws folks.
i have pictures of my medical equipment if anyone is interested.
The Sarge!

Best thing to do will be to get in touch with the recruiters through the website and they will be able to answer all your questions.

joining is rather simple, one attends an event and then at the request of the members is then invited to join if all in acceptance.

with regards individual roles, these are acceptable and indeed if add to the living history of the unit are worked upon, but the best way forward is to meet everyone and go from there.

Hi Nick.

What needs to be done first is to attend one of our training weekends next year to meet us and vice versa.

We like to train everyone up first as a Rifleman, but if you if you have a living history role you would wish to delvelop within the unit we can look into to that as well.

As regards kit this can be delt with once you've taken the King's Shilling.

I will send you more details regarding the training weekend soon.

All Best


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