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thinking of joining and oddly confused!


I'm considering joining the 95th - have been in the ECWS in the past but my interests (via Hornblower, the Aubreyad and Sharpe) have moved on into the Napoleonic period (musical tastes too!)

I gather there are three battalions but have little idea what, in practice, the difference is? I live in West London now and I guess it makes sense to join a battalion that has more members locally?

Also - can anyone give some idea of the costs? Meaning, of course, uniform, rifle etc?



Hi Bob, thanks for your interest in joining the 95th Rifles. Yes your right there are three units that portray the 95th. We are very much the same and in fact work together at events etc. Just to confuse you even more all three units are mainly based in the South, myself in fact live in Kent. If you would like to fill in our on line recruiting form on our website I will be more than happy to send you our information pack. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dave Recruiting Officer

cheers Dave - will do

Having just returned from (sadly) just one day of a training weekend (a taster really) at Waltham Abbey I thought I'd say the following mainly for other folk thinking of joining: a great bunch of people, well-informed and knowledgable, very friendly and welcoming. So thankyou Dave, for the invite to come along, and all the other folk there who really did their utmost to make myself and the other two new folk feel at home!
mr C

hi bob

thanks for making the effort and turning up on saturday ,you did really well at the drill session for your first time .we are all looking froward to seeing you again soon


Hi Bob

Glad you enjoyed your day with us, pity you were not there for the Sunday as we had a very good day with a bit of skirmishing in glorious sunshine.

Hi Bob, I can only echo what the others have said, it was great to meet you at the wekend and we look forwards to seeing in green very soon.


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