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The Sarge!

The 2nd 95th Rifles March Again!

Hi all,

if you are interested in taking the King's Shilling and donning the Rifleman's jacket of green, then here are the dates for our winter 2009 get togethers.

24-25 Jan 09,
21-22 Feb 09, and
21-22 Mar 09

All dates subject to change!

If your are interested then contact the unit recruiter at the following link:
Ben Townsend

For anyone out there thinking about taking up the Green Jacket, I would say, "Jump!" I joined about this time last year and have never looked back. Spending the weekends camping with a great bunch of like-minded people and learning more about the 95th Rifles has made this one of the best years I can remember. I'm bringing the family next year!
Ben Townsend

With thanks to Bob, Bill and Ben.

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