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Tent design

I've tried to search on here and failed to find what I need, so I thought I'd start a thread and let everyone have their say.

I decided to make my own tent and mentioned this at one of our training camps, now I've been asked to make several tents.... And they say never volunteer for anything

So, I've got a basic Wedge thrashed out as thats what I see in most of the paintings on here etc, however sometimes other tents are visible..... Are these 'real' or artistic license ?

So, did NCO's get  different tents ?
What about junior officers (assuming they weren't stuck with buying those as well) ?
I think some officers had an entire entourage and a complete village of canvas to house it, but what about the young Ensign ?

Any images would be handy

BTW:Tents are Ordinance property are they not? Any ideas on how they would of been marked as such?

Thanks in advance
Ben Townsend

Tents for the infantry and cavalry were held and issued by the storekeeper general, so board of ordnance marks would only apply for those tents issued to their branches of the service- the 'technical' branches, artillery and engineers. The broad arrow applied to government property as a whole, though, so may have been used. One might expect equally to find
                                             'S K G'
which was the mark of the storekeeper's department.
From the 1790s, the British army favoured the 'Flanders' design of bell tent, supposedly adopted by the Duke of York during the ill fated campaign of 1793-4. There may have been other models used concurrently, information is sparse. Certainly, in 1812, when the Peninsula forces were issued tents for all ranks for the first time as part of the light baggage to be carried on mules and keprt up with the front, they were bell tents, issued IIRC at the rate of five to a company, plus two for the company officers- that is- one for the Captain, and one more for the lieutenants to share.

NCO's did not have different tents . Serjeants messed together, so may have tented together but I have never seen such a recommendation.

All officers were expected to provide themselves with a light and heavy baggage, usually including a tent. However, tents were part of the heavy baggage, and heavy baggage was used under certain specified conditions- garrison duty, or other duties where there was to be prolonged immobility. The degree of tent for each officer can be gauged by the scales of compensation prescribed by the Board of general officers. They were very precise about the scale of equipment for each and every grade of officer, going so far as to recommend manufacturers and prices.

Flanders Bell Tent

Does anyone have a photo and/or sizes for a Flanders bell tent
Ben Townsend

This is an article written by Keith Raynor on the subject. Its quite old; but quite good.


Flanders Bell Tent

Thanks Ben.

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