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Sword Bayonet Scabbard

I have lost the chape from my sword bayonet scabbard, anybody know where I can get a replacement?
Ben Townsend

Peter Dyson?

He doesn't show that exact article, but stocks many parts. Give him a ring?
There must be bloody millions of the things discarded on re-enactment fields, they are useless with that staple attachment.
Paul Durrant

Out of curiosity, does anyone know of an extant sword bayonet scabbard (for 'Baker')?

I was wondering what the repros we have are based on...
Paul Durrant

Oh belay that! I know who's seen and photographed one - me!

Ben Townsend

I was pretty sure they had some at the Warminster Small Arms Collection but can't find anything in my photographs of the collection. My interest in hardware was quite limited at the time I visited though. De Witt Baily is my go to for this sort of thing of course.

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