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Such Want of Gentlemanly Conduct: Courts Martial &c.

Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but some here may be interested in an article of mine recently published in the Journal of Canadian Military History. It explores an altercation between Lieutenants Peach and de Hertel of the Canadian Fencibles on 22 May 1815 at Fort York in modern-day Toronto, and chronicles de Hertel's subsequent general court-martial. Plenty of intrigue ensues, including claims that one officer was beaten with a broomstick and thrown out of a window for his "boyish indiscretions"...

See here for the article, "'Such Want of Gentlemanly Conduct': The General Court Martial of Lieutenant John de Hertel":

But as a more general PSA, while a great many manuscript Napoleonic-era general courts-martial (GCMs) survive at the National Archives at Kew (WO71 series), they have been almost totally ignored by historians. Besides my article, and a few academic papers on desertion, the only substantive recent exception is Carole Divall's excellent "Inside the Regiment", which explores a number of GCMs from the 30th Foot. I'm planning on writing a master's dissertation on officers' trials, but would encourage anyone with access to TNA to consider these fantastic sources in their research.
Ben Townsend

Great article Eamonn. I saw it pop up on FB a while back. I have accessed a number of courts martial records at TNA, always happy to share if that is of interest to you. By the sound of it, you have already covered this.

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