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Start the New Year with a smile!

Currently on a certain internet auction site:

Ah yes -  fond childhood memories of Blue Peter! Its amazing what can be created from an old squeezy bottle( ask Mum first)  Felt, rubber solution glue and some sticky back plastic.

Even classier is the HLI model:

Happy New Year to all our readers!
Paul Durrant

A smile??

"...a leather peak which was designed to be removable but the soldiers used to prefer stitching it to the cap so as not to loose it."

Amazing research. And this based on the 1809 clothing regulations! Wow those 1809 regs, how we love 'em!

(I'm sobbing into my cornflakes.... )smileytired

Why is our reserch so wrong? Ben has a lot to answer for.

How many of these do you think we should order?

Amazed of Chatham
Ben Townsend

"introduced in 1803 for this elite unit"

Paul Durrant

And some poor sod has put a bid in.
Paul Durrant

Dear god! More bids on it!

Paul Durrant wrote:
Dear god! More bids on it!

101 !!
I think the seller has the last laugh !

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