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vincent breslin

Soldiers on duty guarding Wireles station Donegal.

Re: 2nd Batt The Rifle Brigade:
my thanks to those who responded to my query. i have obtained a copy of the Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1921.
I have also located the names of soldiers o served in Co Donegal in 1921;
Sgt W.G. Wright no. 6907692
Rl J. W. Blake no 6908730
Rf B. Ladd no 6908941
My query:Would anyone have any info concerning the above? would any photos of them be available?
Do their military records exist and what is open to the public?
Any help or assistance welcome.
Paul Durrant


Most of our knowledge - other than browsing the annals of the Rifle Brigade Chronicles - stays firmly rooted in the 19th Century. I'm afraid the only directions I could point you in this matter is to either the Imperial War Museum photo archives or Winchester's Royal Green Jackets Museum.

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