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Skirmishing in Surrey

Join the re enactors of the 2/95th on their latest little jaunt in delightful but very wet and muddy Surrey which took place last weekend.
This video is another masterpiece by our friend Kevin of Devious Wolf photography - to whom we acknowledge this little film with our grateful thanks.
Some of the scenes are rather contrived as they were done for a TV programme but to counterbalance this the lads had actually spent the weekend sleeping on the ground under blanket tents and cooking their rations of meat over a fire in mess kettles.

So - if you are thinking of joining a Napoleonic unit before the big Bi-centennial of Waterloo next year - then give a thought to whether you would like to spend YOUR weekend in a green jacket as one of us -
but don't leave it too late - you can't just pitch up next year - so contact us now!

This is a link to our FB page:
Paul Durrant

I'm seriously starting to think you have psychic powers Eddie...
Ben Townsend

Is it always necessary to use headwear as kindling, or did they sometimes use wood instead?


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