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Shade of Blue

Ok so I have been able to seal the canteen which I brought at Wollaton hall, I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for the shade of blue I would need? Also the leather strap is it brown or black?

Hopefully see you all at Kelmarsh.
Ben Townsend

Hi Ben,
Brown strap. Sean Phillips might have neutral straps which you then stain darker. If not Durrant, do you make them?

Dave G can give you the exact colour code. It will then need to be regimentally stencilled.

Nice job on rescuing the canteen btw. Feared that one might be a goner.
Paul Durrant

Ben C,

I can do the strap. It'll be natural leather which will darken slightly with time.

The colour is a blue-grey and one of us has some as I saw Eddie at Chiltern touching his up.

Great thanks for the advice I will attempt to make it to Kelmarsh though if I can sadly it will have to be only for the Sunday (bloody work). Look forward to seeing you all there.

Also Paul how much would it be for a length of leather?
Paul Durrant

If you're referring to a length of leather for a canteen strap then it's 15 - and funy enough, it has a brass buckle on the end - (not a silly modern roller buckle either!).

On the subject of canteens: Where/who did you get the canteen from? Was it not a Sean Phillips one? Wondering why it needed sealing as putting water in usually does the trick (if it's a SP one)... And talk to Dave regarding the paint.
Ben Townsend

He bought it from a dodgy bloke in a carpark for 5. It was literally in pieces, essentially a canteen assembly set.

Haha yer I go t it from Ben though I can't remember who he said he had purchased it from though.

I'll bring the paint and stencil, you bring a brush. That's a horrible avatar you got there Ben. Is it of you dead?


Paul said

"I saw Eddie at Chiltern touching his up."

I must make sure I close down the tent flap in future - er ..... its nothing to be ashamed of and I aint gone blind yet.
At least I don't get my number block printed on my a*se in the dining tent.

The avatar isn't of me its a painting by Pablo Picasso called Death of Casagemas 1901 its a painting of one of his friends.

As I say I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to Kelmarsh as I have to try and swap a shift with someone for the Sunday though if I can not get off work on the Sunday Amy and myself will drive down on the Friday night to join in the Reads send off (if thats alright mind you).

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