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Servus (Hi) from Bavaria

This is a great site and Iīve been lurking here for a while and now Iīve managed to register.
Iīve noticed that there is a topic "Kelmarsh" and during my recent stay in the UK Iīve visited the Festival of History. Iīve always been very interested in History and especially in British History (donīt ask me why  :? ) and the Napoleonic Era.
I love men in uniform and when it comes to men in Riflemanīs uniforms this poor lass is hopelessly lost  Smilie_PDT
In Kelmarsh Iīve met Rifleman Harris (Jason Salkey) and when he heard that Iīve always dreamt about wearing a Riflemanīs Jacket he immediatly took off his Jacket and Cap and helped me to put them on and agreed to pose for a photo - thanks Jason!
I also had hoped to meet Rifleman Moore (whom Iīve met a few years ago in Nottingham Castle - Iīm pretty sure he will remember the T-shirt  Smilie_PDT ) at the Festival but unfortunately I missed him  :(  he left before I arrived and I hope he wasnīt afraid of me (Hi Richard - I didnīt know you are on this forum until I saw your name - I swear I would never harm you! Iīm still sorry that Iīve missed you  :( )
What I always wanted to ask you: what does "deceased" mean - I mean I know what "deceased" means but why is Rifleman Moore "deceased"? As far as I know you are alive and kicking...

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