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Serjeants sash; the wearing of

Hi chaps, hoping to pick your brains on the wearing of Serjeants sashes.
Is there any known answer to how they were worn? By this I mean were they worn above the waistbelt, underneath the waistbelt or around the waistbelt? Also what is the regulation on the side for the sash to be knotted? I've heard both on the same side as the sword and on the opposite side.

Ok so a browse of the 1802 warrant specifies the sash to be tied on the left and worn over the cross belt, although nothing is mentioned of the waistbelt

Unsure where Dave Gower got his reference from but he and subsequent serjeants wore over crossbelt and over the waistbelt. It would gather up over the ball bag if access to it was required.
Paul Durrant

There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule on the wearing of sashes, by the look of. Contemporary images of Riflemen showing serjs wearing sashes are few and far between and whilst tending to wear on left, we have a right side wearer also. Of the few we have I think only one shows the Serj under arms and is indistinct:

Here we have a left in a manual for sword training:

Whilst you'll see officers with their sword belt over the sash I think you need to chose what works best for you. As Billy said above, we've always put it on over the belt and then just part it around the ball bag.

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