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Paul Durrant

Saluting the Guns

Does anyone have any period references for us 'saluting' the guns/cannon of an artillery regiment?

When did the act of saluting guns (in lieu of colours) come about?

A very good question Paul - certainly I have seen nothing about such Honours to be paid in any period manual. I will have a dig around also. I reckon it will need a finding modern reference and work back......

OK, found this as an initial starting point:

Queens Regulations and Orders for the Army 1868: Honours and Salutes, P.26

"63. When two regiments meet on the march, the junior in point of precedence is to halt in line—open its ranks—and salute the other regiment, which proceeds on its march, with swords drawn, or bayonets fixed, trumpets sounding or drums beating, standards or colours flying, till it has cleared the front of the regiment which has halted. A battery of Royal Artillery with its guns is equivalent to a regiment with its colours, and is to be saluted accordingly."

Looked at Queens Regs 1844 -

The section quoted above which starts "When two regiments meet on the march..." etc, is there but does not have the additional part about saluting guns... could not see that anywhere else in that section.

Queens Regs 1862 - same section - no mention of Salutes to Guns.

So I'm going for the introduction of the custom between 1862 and 1868.
Paul Durrant

Eddie wins the 'Research Monkey' award for this alone, I reckon!

Many thanks Eddie. Stirling work! Can you post your finding on the NA members fb site as well please? (I made the same query there, curious to see if there were any takers Smilie_PDT )

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