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A question to the collective wisdom of the Group. What exactly was the white wool fatigue off duty jacket, usually called a Roundabout? Was it a vest with sleeves, or a short jacket (basically a regimental cut short)? Was it lined, did it have pockets, plain or regimental buttons, facing colour on  cuffs or not?  This is a basic item of kit, but I am unable to find concrete supporting information. Thanks and regards,
1st Royal Scots (1812)
42d Royal Highlanders (1815)
Paul Durrant


This is a difficult subject to give an answer on as I believe no period undress jacket survives, just a few period images and none of these in the close detail we need to reconstruct one. The link Paul added above gives much collective information from a number of contributors and most interesting is perhaps the clothing lists.
To condense it all I would say that the term sleeved waistcoat often appears - the body in kersey wool and the sleeves in serge wool. Waistcoat indicates the length is just to the waist.  That's how we have interpreted it in 2/95 - but it appears to be  a regimental thing so the actual style may not have been subject to regulation. This is much the same for undress/forage caps.
I find the term "flannel" confusing as I thought that was a thick cotton with a nap. But the terms used during the period seem different to our modern terms. I was told the term "Cloth" meant a wool material.
Equally "Coat" and "Jacket"  - my view is that jacket is a shorter cut garment than a coat -  I think only Light Infantry and Highlanders had "jackets" for a while but I think that changed as uniform styles altered.
So its up for you to interpret - but I have personally never heard the term "Roundabout" for an undress jacket - please can you say where this came from - with ideally a period reference?
John Waller

I've only seen the term 'roundabout jacket' used in an American context post our period. It describes a short close fitting jacket.

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