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Rogues Gallery

To help out putting names to faces at Waterloo could the 2/95th members ,  the Americans and the Australians joining us there  put a photograph here (and any other relevant note they want).

It might not work and we end up calling each other mate all week, but its worth a try.


Paul Dines, Helena and Jakub.


Ben Crowe

Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend

Is this the kind of thing, Paul?

Private Rifleman Ben Townsend.
Hagman's roadie

My ugly mug? See avatar to the left.

It''s a bit rough but it's the only one of me I can find

It's looking like it's going to be a star studded time at Waterloo.  Won't be shooting at the French but the paparazzi following us about instead I think q21
Ben Townsend

Best take a camera to March training, Paul ;)

List member photo

Here is a photo of me with that other guy. I'm sorry they cropped the rest of me out of the photo but that is my ear.
Ben Townsend

This should make things clearer.

Got it? Dunno where Clooney is in this one. Round the back trying to steal the Elgin marbles?

Maybe at Waterloo when Henrik has shaved off his tash we will find out he has been George Clooney all along .

Just noticed I have been renamed kev and there was me thinking we had enough Pauls to make up one section Smilie_PDT
Ben Townsend

Corrected. You are working me hard, Paul, but at least I've mastered this photoshop now. Kev Wolf, look out!

I noticed I'm now called Eric but I can live with that. It's better than Paul at least.

Dinesy wrote:
Maybe at Waterloo when Henrik has shaved off his tash we will find out he has been George Clooney all along .

Someone bring Scrubs... Clooney was great in ER!

A picture of me... well...

A very drunken night at the first and last Halloween Party I went to in 2014(?)

Ben and me (cos I'm British) were the best dressed. The rest were bio-med/medicine students in bandages. However, the vodka and Jägermeister in very large 100ml+ syringes were great.

I then went home leaving Ben with a nice horsey lady to go to the University for a bit of it myself haha.

A bit too much information, but who cares. It's the internet.

Here's a few rogues for you!

Good to see us and the 68th making in onto the front cover of another Waterloo milch-cow. Shame the law doesn't grant us any rights to the profits!

If we forward it to the DLI do you think they could recognise the hands?

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