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Paul Biggin

Riflemen and Skirmishers

In the British Army it is unusual for soldiers of one regiment to praise another, but Lieutenant Blakiston of the 43rd Light Infantry was moved to write:

"Certainly I never saw such skirmishers as the 95th....They could do the work much better and with infinitely less loss than any of our best light troops. They possessed an individual boldness, a mutual understanding and a quickness of eye in taking advantage of the ground, which taken altogether, I never saw equalled. They were in fact, as much superior to the French voltigeurs as the latter were to our skirmishers in general. As our regiment was often employed in supporting them, I think I am fairly well qualified to speak of their merits."

There is more written on the 95th in this book:
SNIPER - ONE on ONE by Adrian Gilbert 1994. ISBN 0 330 34425 0

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