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Dan Edwards

Rifleman William Edwards 2/95th

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Australia and thanks for having me on your forum. I am the x4 great grandson of William Edwards who was with Captain Miller's No. 1 Company at Waterloo. The family history that's available to me is a bit confused to say the least! I'm happy to do my own research, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful Smilie_PDT
Thank you for your help.
Dan Edwards

Hello Dan

Being an Edwards myself I did look at a few of my name sakes in the muster rolls of the 2nd 95th held at the National Archives at Kew London but as I was looking for men from Cornwall for a family connection to myself I did not note down anything about William.

Since you don't say what you already know I will give you what I have:

The book 'Rifle Green at Waterloo has his joining date as 4/4/1809 and a note ' went to Australia with his wife and Major John Molloy and his family. '
8 bars to his Military General service medal.

I  believe we had contact sometime ago from a descendent of Maj Molloy.

If you subscribe to 'Ancestry' they have just put on line Muster Rolls for the 2/95th and you could search for him there. Sometimes it shows a place of birth. Also search on the National Archives ' Discovery' search field as this sometimes reveals description on enlistment and pension details etc.

We just had a group of Aussies with us at Waterloo 200 - a great bunch of guys
Dan Edwards

Hello Eddie,

Thanks for the information, I'll have a look at Ancestry. William came to Western Australia (Swan River Colony) in 1830 as part of Sir Thomas Peel's land scheme. His family was with him and all their property was lost when the "Rockingham" was wrecked south of Perth. William became a sucessful farmer around Beverly and York. The military service has continued to this day, my brother was a sapper and served with some Brits in Afghanistan in 2010. I like to think William would approve of his descendants soldiering with UK forces.

Dan - I have just found a picture of a 'Rifleman William Edwards' in the book I mentioned above. Are you aware of it?

The authors do not give any details about the image and since the book is copyrignt I cannot post it here.
Dan Edwards

Hello Eddie,

I'm not aware of a photo of William in the book. I know which book I'll be buying on payday though! As a kid I was shown a drawing of a photo of William, it's him as an old man (the spitting image of my dad, grandfather, and brother). He's seated wearing a coat and his General Service Medal and Waterloo Medal. Thanks for the information once again!

(Oh I wish he'd written something down!)

Will p.m. you

Found this on the internet a while back:

 Rfn William Edwards 2/95
I am in the process of writing the History of my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather WILLIAM EDWARDS (15th January 1792 - 28th October 1865) who enlisted in the 95th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) in 1807 and served in the 2nd Battalion (2/95th Rifles) in the Peninsular Wars and at Waterloo.

My understanding is that he sailed with Sir Arthur Wellesley to Portugal in 1808, and was one of the men from the 2/95th Rifles who remained in Lisbon when LtGen Sir John Moore marched into Spain and then retreated to Corunna. William must have sailed later to Cadiz, because he fought in the Battle of Barrosa.

I have personally seen his medals, and the Peninsular War Medal has eight bars for the following Battles:

Barrosa, Vittoria, Pyrenees, St. Sebastian, Nivelle, Nive, Orthez and Toulouse.

He was wounded at Waterloo, with one bullet damaging his right hand, and he carried a bullet just under his heart until he died.

He came to Western Australia on the ‘Rockingham’ in 1830, under Thomas Peel’s land scheme.

I have read Sir Charles Oman’s ‘History of the Peninsular Wars’ and a number of other books on the subject, but I am seeking any information that may make it more personal, such as details of his Company, duties, etc., and any other wounds he may have received, because I do not believe, after reading these books, that he could have gone through these Battles without receiving any other wounds.

My name and address is: Kevin Lindsay Fowler
PO Box 314


I thank you for any information that you can give me, or suggestions on where I may get additional information, it would be very much appreciated.

From a fellow veteran, I served in the Vietnam War.

Kevin Fowler

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