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Rifleman Dando

Hello Chaps - I wanted to share this with you

I was re reading an old novel the other day - and after the passage of thirty years or more the book still impressed me as one of the best I have ever read about a soldier in the British Army. Admittedly its about the Indian Mutiny so its later than our interest period  - but the adventures of Cockney Rifleman Joseph Dando 60th Rifles  - are a joy to read - and relevant to anyone with an interest in the Rifles.

Here's a short extract from "Dando on Delhi Ridge" by William Clive :

"By November he was able to sniff condescendingly at the stiff marching Buffs and Fusiliers in their scarlet and pipe-clay and, out of sight of the guard-house, wear his kepi rakishly over his eyes, with his left arm swinging and his right clamped firmly at his side  - the characteristic of a rifleman who marched with weapon trailed and never sloped like the riff-raff of the line. It was fashionable to cultivate an air of aggressiveness, to emphasise that a green coatee equalled toughness and devil-may-care, to react to insult with fist, boot and belt-buckle. It had become incredible that, for even a moment, he had ever considered wearing scarlet and brass."

William Clive had served as a Rifleman in the KRRC. He only wrote two other Dando books -  "Dando and the Summer Palace" and "Dando and the Mad Emperor".  Easily available for a couple of quid on Ebay or Abebooks - they are a great read and as one one critic aptly puts it " He puts in the bits Kipling left out"

A couple of quid on ebay? Can't I just borrow them off you?


No you may not borrow my old and venerated copies of Dando - which were my "only childhood friends".

I will BUY an extra copy for loan within the unit as my contribution to the enlightenment of the heathen.

"Brigadier Nicholson, commanding the first column, drew out his watch then nodded.  'A quarter before six. Its time, blast it'. He drew a deep breath. 'The Rifles can go forward'
Dando climbed to his feet. 'Sod 'em' he said. Sod 'em all'..........."
Ben Townsend

I've always said you can smell the fusiliers and buffs at a distance and this confirms it. Looking forward to getting my copies Smilie_PDT)

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