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Ben Townsend

Rifle sections in Line Regiments?

A letter book in WO3/194 details the issue of rifles from the Ordnance to the 1st, 2nd and 7th battalions of the KGL. The numbers are small, 19, 15 and 13 respectively. Are these for marksmen in light companies as we have previously speculated?

As you probably know, ten Baker Carbines were initially issued to each Light Dragoon troop in the 14th and 15th, which was increased to 100 per regiment.
Richard Warren

Beamish's History of the KGL, Vol 1, page 189:

"To each company of the German line regiments were attached ten men armed with rifles, who uniting in action, formed a corps of skirmishers, and were called scharfschutzen (sharp shooters.)"

The same volume has a uniform plate of a skirmisher from a line battalion grenadier company, with a rifle and equipped with a waist belt.

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