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Ben Townsend

Reverend William Bradford.

Reproduced from a series of unusual and attractive aquatints of the Spanish countryside and people taken from Sketches of the Country, Character, and Costume in Portugal and Spain by the Rev. William Bradford, the chaplain to the English army during the Peninsular War. They were executed by I. Clark after Bradford’s own sketches, and printed and published by J. Booth of Duke Street, Portland Place, London in 1823.
Bradford sketched guerillas, Spanish Army and various Spanish and Portuguese costumes, as well as some views of the British Army.

Finally found a digital copy of this beautiful book. Its on Gallica, and you can zoom right in on the images. First class repro. This is one of very few eye witnesses of the Peninsular war (St Clair being the other notable example springing to mind).

Great stuff Ben - some unique images there.

Good stuff Ben, page 11 Lady of Lisbon, shes a sad faced cow ;) but there are some splendid pics in there ;)

Regards Doug

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