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neil leonard

Retreat to Corunna

Hi everyone,

I'm planning a trip to re-trace the steps taken along the retreat to Corunna for a book I'm working on, I've posted a link here which explains everything, and was wondering if any of you guys might like to come along, for part of the way, I'm planning to do this dressed as a rifleman and trace the route as exactly as I can. I know one of your guys Vince Law did part of it in 2008 with another reenactor James Hinton, anyway, if anyone is interested, be happy to hear from you.
Ben Townsend

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the forum. I was involved with the group planning to walk the retreat in 2009. The main project collapsed, but as you point out Vince and James continued with the idea and did a great show by themselves.

Vince is a member of the 3/95th rifles, try this email

He's a great bloke and I'm sure he'll be happy to share his experiences with you.

Best of luck with the march, I'd love to join you, but I'm focussed on 2015 now and would be looking to march Golfe San Juan to Paris. Great weather and food ;)

Cheers, Ben
neil leonard

Thanks Ben, been in touch with both Vince and James, I'm hoping they'll have another crack at it, I'm sure they will, we 've got some offers of logistical support from Spain, and I'm going to Spain for a route recce and dry stopoff hunt in January. I'd be grateful if you could dig out your old contacts regarding media and MOD, if you still have them as I'd like to try and rekindle any  interest from them. One last thing I was looking for a source of Baker rifles, I was looking at Discriminating General, who would you reccomend?
Ben Townsend

The mastermind of our project was Chris Shawe of the Shorncliffe Trust. He will be interested in talking to you, and he's easy to find.

I'm not sure where you are based, but if in the UK, I would recommend staying local for rifles. Discriminating General are a great outfit, but HMRC will gouge you severely when you import.

You will find rifles available from Derbyshire Arms, Peter Dyson, and all sorts of other UK gunsmiths. I'm sure others who have bought more recently can upgrade this info for you. FWIW I have always had good service from the two above.

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