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Ben Townsend

Regulations of the Rifle Corps

The Proof arrived today. It looks pretty good. Not bad quality for 20 if I do say so myself. I'll double the price for the next one I think....

So please feel free to buy away. The link is,

It seemed to take about two weeks to arrive. From May it will be available in bookshops and at, but please buy at Lulu if you can on the above link. Its the only way I make remotely enough to justify the time spent on the project.

If you enjoy the book, please feel free to promote it or post a link anywhere where interested parties might see it.

The second one should be out well before Waterloo Smilie_PDT
The Sarge!

What happened, went to purchase and price jumped from 20 to 25, before I purchase just checking if this is an error, or the price has gone up.
Ben Townsend

Sorry about that Blakey. I talked to UK distributors today, and they advised that I would lose money selling it at that price, so I was persuaded to raise it to 25 (they suggested 30). The price is still 20 for 2/95th members.
Greg Renault

Ordered mine April 27.  Arrived today.

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