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Hagman's roadie

Questions, questions.

Firstly I hope you all had a great time in Yorkshire and prodded some serious French buttock.
Secondly, the questions.
I've tried to have a good read up of questions and answers so as not to get too repetitve but forgive me if I ask the same old ones.
So, as I understand it, boots and a Baker are the two items to aquire first being that they are harder to lend out and rather special to each man so,
1) Where does one aquire boots and a Baker.
2) Will my local police authority arrest and interrogate me under the terrorist act if I walk in and ask for a shotgun and explosives licence or is there some form of reenactment 'code' or registration number I can quote?
3) I believe handlbar moustaches are reserved strictly for the officers (which is a shame as it's taken me a good few months to cultivate mine) but what is the rule on the length of hair?
4) Just how fit does one need to be? I confess I'm a bit of a mouth breather when it comes to the 20 minute bike ride to work but at least I ride to work. I'm no couch potato but have been a smoker for some years which I'm desperately trying to remedy.
5) I dont drive. Will this be a problem?

Finally, for now, I'm hoping to attend the Eastleigh event in a few weeks, diary willing, so what is the protocol for total newbies with absolutely no idea of what to bring or expect?
thanks in advance for your wisdom.

Hi Simon, I will answer all your questions later as I'm just off to work now, which I could do without as I'm knackered.

All Best

Serj Dave
Ben Townsend

I'll have a bash at answering some of these, though there are wiser heads who will hopefully fill the gaps I leave,
1. Boots: We have an arrangement with a bootmaker who discounts our boots, at a respectable £95 (£95 for the 95th, geddit?) though he is not the sole supplier. Other suppliers are available though £95 is towards the bottom end, with shoes being sometimes cheaper, but less comfortable in the varied climes we frequent.  Said bootmaker attends many of the national re-enactor markets, several of which are reasonably close to you in Leicester. He also does mail-order. The good news is that they last for ages and are comfy so they won't hobble you and correct, or correct enough that you needn't ever change them unless you want to.
Gun, these are available from a number of gunsmiths, either certificate or inert. The inert are convertible to certificate (after proofing). We can supply you with a list of gunsmiths. Gun plus sword= c.£500
2. Your local authority may have downloadable application forms on their website, or you can request them by post from the local firearms officer, address on police local authority website. You will be wanting a shotgun certificate and a black powder (explosives) acquire only certificate. Later you may want a section 1 fireams ticket and european fireams pass (so you can come to foreign events, one of the best parts of this life!)
You need a state a reason for wanting a shotgun certificate, ie for purposes of historical re-enactment, and they will expect this to be backed up by membership of a society. Bars to certificate being granted may include mental health issues and criminal convictions among other things. You might find that you can apply now and present your membership card at the home interview (they like to see where the weapon will be stored). This will save you some time as application processing times vary from force to force between a month and much longer.
3. In the 2/95th we pride ourselves on our hairy members. They tend to wear a `queue` to tie their hair back. We have plenty of period examples of queue ties, some of them quite creative if you're into that. Strictly speaking long hair and moustaches are a no-no for OR in the period though, since the British army cut their hair off in 1808. I had better say no more as my hair is heading queue-wards.
4. If you ride your bike to work you are as fit as half of our members. In fact you are probably in the top 10%  :shock:
5. We cover a LOT of miles, (600+ in a weekend not being un-heard of) so a driving licence makes things easier. Having said that, there is an established system of car-sharing and supporting members with transport issues. Except for Bill, who we tend to leave standing in the rain at the railway station, crying like a girl.

If you are coming to Eastleigh (and the best start is to come to an event asap), then be prepared for chasing dogs, and be warned you may be exposed to folk music at un-godly hours).

Mental Health?? Fitness ?? when were these a requisite to join.  My god things have changed since I joined....  You'll be telling me next I've got to have a memory
Hagman's roadie

Thanks chaps.
Okay, so to get the shotgun and black powder acquire cert I will need a membership card. I guess this will be issued once an event has been attended and the bug well and truly caught (cant see any reason why I wouldnt enjoy meself though).
I'll get the ball rolling now as I'm fairly confident this is the start of something terribly exciting.
May I be so bold as to ask one of you kind chaps to PM me some boot and Baker contacts?
As for the facial hair and barnet, I could do with a trim and I keep getting bean juice stuck in the 'tache so its not too much of a problem.

So as far as Eastleigh is concerned I should just turn up as is, in 21st century garb and a silly grin. Being that I dont drive I'll be hopping on a train. Looks like a 3 and a bit hour journey so what time is best to aim for arriving?
Finally, yep, I'm mental. If you can call avoiding reality at all costs by dressing up as a stormtrooper or an evil victorian sky baron mental. I've truly gone fishing, mad as cheese, as crazy as a bag of badgers.

Except for Bill, who we tend to leave standing in the rain at the railway station, crying like a girl.

...Unfortunately it's true.

Trains aren't as bad as everyone makes out. I've been using them for the past year and a half to get to re-enactments now and had only a few hiccups.

I'm sure *someone* will give you a lift from the station to the event if you ask nicely  :roll:

I'm just waiting on some money to clear and I make make Eastleigh... hint hint...
Ben Townsend

Things to bring to a first event,
Phone, so we can guide you in.
Sleeping bag and mat, earplugs etc. There is no plastic camping at Eastleigh, so you could get a berth in a canvas tent. If you are really shy, bring a plastic tent and we'll hide it during the day.
You won't need food, cutlery or crockery, we'll look after you.
Black shoes or boots. Looks like you have something appropriate from your costuming. White stormtrooper boots perhaps not ideal!
White shirt (pirate shirt?). This is so we can dress you in whites (fatigues) during the day.
If you smoke, you might want to invest in a clay pipe or, at a pinch, brown rolling papers and baccy.
Anything else, anybody?
Hagman's roadie

Phone - check
Black boots - check
white shirt - check
clay pipe - check
sleeping bag and mat - check
I've been known to sleep in Bus shelters with the other abodely challenged and on one occasion slept in a lovely 19thC doorway in Holland with a gang of German exotic tobacco officianados so a canvas tent sounds like luxury. I do snore a tad and am mildly flatulent, especially after consuming Liver, lumps and worms  Smilie_PDT so you may ask me to bring my own tent next time  Smilie_PDT

disclaimer: cutters choice is the only tobacco found in my pipe these days.
Ben Townsend

If you fall into both the flatulance and snoring camps you may still find a berth. Its the gropers who end up in the mess tent.
Hagman's roadie

Ha Ha, it's okay, I'm not 'hands-y'.

Well, I've just been to pick up my shotgun and explosives acquire cert applications. I've had a good read and there are a couple of things I'm concerned about.
1) I'm pretty sure my landlord will object to me securing any kind of cabinet in my flat. Its not like putting up a shelf or a picture frame. Some of the requirements look pretty hefty with mention of masonry bolts and joists  :shock:
What kind of storage facilities do you chaps use and is there any way round this?
2) I suffered from anxiety and a dose of the 'honky-tonks' or 'blues' about 10 years ago. I'm what I consider to be a pretty solid and stable fellow now but everyone gets the blues once in a while. Do you think this will effect my chances?
3) I am just needing the acquire and not the acquire and keep cert for the explosives right?
Ben Townsend

1. Put it in the loft if you have one. Tell your landlord its a safe, not a gun cabinet too. The masonry bolts are quite hefty, but only a polyfiller job to fix when you take em down. Another option might be to roll up the corner of the carpet or flooring and secure the cab to floor joists. If it was then behind a sofa that would qualify as 'out of sight to casual visitors' If you really can't put a cabinet up, I believe you can get someone to store your gun on their ticket. Talk to your firearms guy when you have the interview. Be warned though, some have a better grasp of the constantly changing requirements than others.
2. A dose of black dog ten years ago won't affect your app. I think it may be outside disclosure range.
3. Just acquire, yes.
Don't worry about any of this, the police are used to dealing with re-enactor apps and usually are interested in talking about your interesting hobby. If you jump through the appropriate hoops it is a smooth process. Do make sure your flat security is topnotch- lockable windows etc.
EDIT: Some forces allow you to hold a single shotgun on a security cable, but this will still require anchor bolts.

Hi Simon, I see my little helpers have answered your questions for me. So I won't repeat the answers. Please can you give me rough idea of your size so I can bring a undress uniform that might fit you. Looking forwards to meeting you.


Serj Dave
Hagman's roadie

Hi Dave, the chaps have been most helpful and above all very welcoming.
As for my size?  I'm a slender chap.
height 5'11"
weight 11 stone
chest 38"
waist 31"

Back to my gun safe problem. I've been doing some digging on a few websites and forums such as '' and 'rah rah rah, we're going to shoot the oiks' and from my research I have come to the conclusion that its just not going to happen in my flat.
There just isnt anywhere at all to hide it. This place is 100%cupboard and loft free. All plaster board internal walls, wood flooring (fake floorboards), a kind of modern cardboard box with posh fixtures and fittings but no storage space.
Do you think that a gun-clamp would suffice?
I imagine that the British Infantry Rifle can be dismantled so the firing mechanism can be stored seperately.  I have a double hard b*st*rd safe at work that I could keep that in while the rifle stays clamped at home (I'm being niaive here arent I?  Smilie_PDT )

What time should I be at Eastleigh?

Edit: Just seen your edit Ben.  A cable you say?
I think I'll just apply and let the inspector do his thing.
Hagman's roadie

Well I'm all set for Eastleigh.
See you all there  Smilie_PDT
Ben Townsend

Excellent. We can be quite hard to spot in a park, because our green uniforms mean we blend into the trees like little Napoleonic ninjas,  Smilie_PDT  so your best bet is to look out for the white tents.
Bill, just saw your hint about Eastleigh. If you would like a lift from Bristol, I'm going down crack of dawn Saturday.
Ben Townsend

You might want to bring your wellies. Weather looks a trifle inclement.
Hagman's roadie

ben wrote:
You might want to bring your wellies. Weather looks a trifle inclement.

ha ha, dont own wellies so I'll endeavour to bring the sunshine with me.

Talking of footwear, I have some knackered old army boots (modern) or my Royal Marine buckle shoes. If rain is on the cards would my army boots be okay?

Hi Simon, yeah no worries. But you've got to think positive, it anit goin to rain, honest, please god.

Serj Dave

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