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Badger Bob


I have a bit of a problem.I am torn between joining your group and 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot.You both seem good so I am asking the same questions as I asked them and see what happens.

1.I have a wife and 2 boys aged 7 and 4 would it be possable for them to come to meets etc.
2.Are there any members in the oxford area.
3. I have a beard and glasses does that have any problems.
4.The kit etc is expensive is it possable to get it a bit at a time.
5.I am 55 years of age.What age group do you have in your group.
sorry for all the questions but as we have not got a lot of money to spare so we have to get it right.Bob

Hi Bob, welcome to the forum. Your doing the right thing by asking questions, because it's the only way you will find out if this is the right hobby for you. I will answer your questions in the same order.

1. Your wife and kids will be most welcome to join the unit as well, we are a family based unit with several familes with young children, as well as single guys. This is a good hobby that the whole family can take part in. Our ladies will be more than happy to share their knowledge on womens and childrens attire, and have sapre kit available to lend out. As with uniforms for yourself.

2. We have no members in Oxford itself, but our membership is from all over the country. Nearest members will be in the London area.

3. At this period in time soldiers were clean shaven, so at events you will have to loose the beard, but the good news is its grows back between events. Several of our guys have beards or tashes when they are in civvys and shaves them off for events. As for glasses again some of our guys just remove them for the event or wear contact lenses, or you can get period fames and have your own lenses put in them.

4. There is no getting away form it, this hobby takes money. We try to minimise it by producing about 80% of our kit oursleves. This helps keeps the cost down as your not paying the mark up for the suppliers. The biggest cost is for the rifle about 420. We don't expect you to turn up on day one fully kitted up, it takes time, we have spare items of kit we can lend out while you get your own kit together.

5. Our ages range from 17 years right up to 56 years of age. This is a fairly active hobby and as long resonably fit and heathly you should be all right.

May I suggest that you fill in the on-line recruiting form and I'll send you our recruiting information pack. This will give you a better idea of whats involved and the more detailed breakdown of the costs.

I look forwrds to hearing from you very soon.



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