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Period Images of te 95th

Hi, Sorry if this has been covered in a topic before, but is there a reliable gallery, collection, pinterest board etc of riflemen or officers that are all reliably dated to 1800 - 1815 and not Victorian fancies based on the rifle brigade?
Many thanks, Matt

Hello Matt
Is seems there are only a few images of the 95th which are not Victorian or Victorian inspired - you can find some here to start with here :

scroll down to my post mid page.  These  were emphasising headdress but we can find you full images if you are unable to source them.

We do have a topic in our members reference forum which contain a lot more images but mainly of officers and volunteer rifle units - some of those images are from private collections or possibly have copyright restrictions -  which we have assembled just for our own research purposes - Doubt we could show them here.

Is there a particular aspect you are interested in?

Many thanks for the link Eddie. Its really just interesting to see the differences when so many famous images are out of period. I know you guys have the side pockets in the tunics for example, so its a case of trying to see how the uniforms were really portrayed (even with artistic licence) at the correct moment in history.

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