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Orig 95th Member information request

Greetings all!
It's been a while I know my apologies. I am requesting any information you may have on an Amos Norcott 1777-1838, born Sligo Ireland and died in Australia. I am told by the relative that he was an officer in the 95th, any help is appreciated!

Best regards,

The Army list for 1814 (the first one I checked) lists Amos Godsill Norcott as a Brevet Lt. Colonel from 25 July, 1810.  He was indeed a Major of the 95th.  I'm sure members of that Regiment could give you more information.

Chris McKay

I am sure Ben will respond to you on this one, as Norcott is one of his favorite subjects.
In the mean time see our web site @
Paul Durrant

Died in Australia? wow.. Ben, maybe we've been looking in the wrong place for his papers!

Bit about him on our research forum;
Ben Townsend

Norcott is of huge interest to us. He is known to have compiled two memoranda in 1816 on the uniforms and equipment of the Rifles. The equipment version is available on our website, and I have published it in First Empire magazine and so on. The uniform memorandum is location unknown.

Major Amos Godsil Robert Norcott, C.B.
Born London 1777; served in Flanders 1794 to 1795; served at Cape of Good Hope 1797; served in Manila 1797; served in India 1797 to 1800; brevet Major 25 September 1803; served in South America 1807 POW at Buenos Aires; served in Peninsula with 1/95 August 1808 to January 1809; Major in 95th Foot 22 December 1808; served at Walcheren 1809; brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 25 July 1810; again in Peninsula with 2/95 August 1810 to February 1813; commanded 2/95 in Peninsula October 1813 to March 1814; commanded 2/95 and severely wounded at Waterloo; brevet Colonel 12 August 1819; Lieutenant-Colonel 9 September 1819; subsequently Major-General 1830; died Cork 1838.

This from the Rifle Brigade Chronicles.
Paul Durrant

Zak, we have him dying in Cork, you in Australia. Can you check with these relatives and ask for further details.
Ben Townsend

Just to complicate matters, Harry Stooks Smith's An Alphabetical List of the Officers of the Rifle Brigade 1800-1850 has him dying at Maryborough, Ireland, 8th January 1838.

Members of the family Norcott continue to serve in the Rifle Brigade throughout the C19th. Perhaps there is some confusion derived from this?

I apologize, I misunderstood the orig. information. "My great grandfather William Joseph Smith. He was an Irishman who fought in the Mexican War and later in the 69th New york Irish Brigade. He survived all that and ended up in Australia. I found out that his uncle (Amos Norcott) was a Major General commanding the 2/95 rifles under the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo."

He went to AU for the Gold Rush that was happening there in the 1860s and 70s. I'm actually a tad surprised he didn't join the Fenians heading into Canada but anyway...

Sadly w/ a name like Wm.J. Smith there are a whole lot of Smiths.... making further research really hard. Thanks for your help w/ Norcott.

So there you have it! Sorry about the confusion folks!

Best regards,
Ben Townsend

Right you are! Confusion cleared up. For your contacts's information, Amos Norcott served as a Major at Waterloo, commanding the 2/95th after the wounding or death of all his superior officers present on the field. Hope that helps.

Pages 190- 193 Letters from the Battle of Waterloo - Siborne letters edited by Gareth Glover details Norcotts ' Waterloo exploits.

After Norcott was wounded command of 2/95 devolved upon Major Wilkins between 5pm and 7pm. Wilkins then wounded by grapeshot just prior to the advance of La Garde.

Footnote also has Norcott dying at Cork 1838

Challis' Penninsular Roll also shows Norcotts' service and medals:

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