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Oranje Boven!

According to an unpublished period source the 2nd 95th were issued with Orange rosettes to wear in their caps in honour of the Prince of Orange in the market square at Bergen Op zoom on Christmas day 1813.

In accord with this the 2nd 95th will again be thus equipped for service in the low countries this May :

Hagman's roadie

Ben Townsend

How about placing the hannoverian (black) cockade over the orange? Just a thought, I think that of our allies should be supplementary rather than dominant.

You may be right Ben,
but it rather defeats the object of sporting the orange if only the edge of it can be seen,
would mean taking off the black and re fixing it - not a problem with mine as I have already detached it.
"Oranje Boven !"  - in essence as I understand is a Nationalist Dutch cry which means "Orange on top or Orange above all" - so placing the orange cockade beneath a black one would be a bit contrary to the Dutch spirit?

The rosettes are made - so either way the work is done - what is the consensus chaps?
Ben Townsend

The precedent for us would be the marksmanship cockades. But information on placement is sparse, and I'm not aware of any contemporary image showing these supplementary cockades. The orange looks great anyway.

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