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95th Powder Horn help
Serjeants sash; the wearing of
Inspection of the Soldier
Saluting the Guns
'Reversed coats'
Found on Ebay
Article on authenticity. Required reading for noobs.
Greatcoats.... A question of design
Clothing Board Letters 1798-1806
Weddeburne republished.
Powder measure
Tent design
Facial Hair
Such Want of Gentlemanly Conduct: Courts Martial &c.
43rd Regiment of foot button from Denmark
Yet another 95th rifles button from Denmark
Front pockets
Field archaeology Pyrenees
British Military Library ... 1801
Capt. William Hallon
Durrant jacket
Shako Tufts
The Red Coat / Other Ranks (existing examples)
NCO distinctions
Soldiers on duty guarding Wireles station Donegal.
Loading Charge for the 'Baker' rifle
Before the D tin
Rifle sections in Line Regiments?
Another... Baker Rifle Inert Question (Quality and Imports)
Hypothesis regarding Trousers / Pantaloons
The WO Papers
Reverend William Bradford.
Co-operation with Cavalry
"With carried arms"
A soldier in the Highland Company?
Black buttons and N.C.O.'s chevrons
Original 95th Buttons - status
2nd/95th rifles stationed in benbeg co. Donegal ireland
95th button: Made in India
Brigade Report on Waterloo
5/60th Fatigue Jacket Facings
The 52nd at Waterloo
Waterloo new museum
School of Mars
Wellington vs the Devils advocate
Waterloo - La Garde vs 2nd 95th
The Bugle Major delivers post...
musket balls
Regulations of the Rifle Corps
Mystery badge
Wellington: Triumphs Politics and Passions at the NPG
Waterloo - The Day after (painting 1816)
Waterloo 2015
Rogues Gallery
The Green Jackets Museum burglary
You're Doing It All Wrong!
Pearse tailoring books
LBE 2015
'Not for the reenactor on a budget'
Gun cleaning kit
A 95th Waterloo bone page turner?
Winter kit down
Soldats napoleoniens
The strange tale of 'I'm Ninety five'
"Special edition Belgic"
Period Images of te 95th
Looking for a Baker
Sword Bayonet Scabbard
Big battalions, comme les francais
Preparing for the assault
Skirmishing in Surrey
Oath upon enlisiting
2/95 deserter - Elba
Oranje Boven!
Inspection Return 2nd 95th May 1813
The Poisoning of rifleman Crow
Back again
Slope Arms.
Beeswax Candles
1808 60rnd Cartridge box question
95th Powder Horn & Cup
Left or Right Shoulder Forward
Wooden kit chests.
Spit Loading and three shots a minute
Flankers and marksmen
Prototyping a George Thatcher knapsack
Festive Greetings 1813-4
Waterloo 2015 Programme
Buff Coloured Belts
Strip Down a Baker Rifle
Black Bob's Standing Orders
Retreat to Corunna
Rifle Slings: Loose or tight?
Museum Researches
Evoking San Sebastien
Felt Cones
The Bugle badge and numerals
Cope's History of the Rifle Brigade
How to dispose of your old cap.
Caps Regimental Cap Shako Stovepipe
Lt. Dugald MacFarlane
Marching into Paris
Greatcoat buttons
Riflemen and Skirmishers
Cronkhill Rifling
Telescopic sight?
Blank Firers
Georgian Military whistle
carbine for sale
Rifleman Dando
ebay 95th button
Dead March
Waterloo Film
Peculiar trigger guards
Does size matter?
"The material culture of Wellington's soldiers"
File Partners - 'Comrades'
COAM April 2013
New Book - Wellington's Rifles
Ramrod: What end to ram with?
Help Needed Please
My apologies for my absence in posting.
Wedding uniform req.
Igor's belgic thread.
Blue Pantaloons?
Just for frills
Need a favour...
Make Ready!
New "Thatcher" Pack View?
Start the New Year with a smile!
Book on Ebay
Present Arms with a Pike
La Boissiere Ecole 2013
Best starting event?
Hammer caps / Frizzen covers
28th Foot officer portrait
Light Infantry at Waterloo
British Napoleonic Bugle calls
Civilian life
GSM replicas
Your History - Broadlands
Coats and Colours at Cardiff Castle
"2 blankets, two firelocks and 4 bayonets"
Military History Magazine and Rifleman John Rowland.
De Bosset?
Seafield Collection Pouches
Rifle-barrelled muskets and Rifle-bags
Shade of Blue
Advice to Soldiers 1782
Cat o' nine tails
Remains at Waterloo
How much!
Sheep fleeces
Orig 95th Member information request
Buff leather
Siege of Tarifa
How to Build a Rifle
Grand Historical Baazar - Rufford Abbey 12 and 13 May
Supply, storage and issue of accoutrements
Rifle Cleaning
General Salute ?
2nd 95th Facebook Page
Chapeau Bras
Rifle Flank companies?
New histoire vivante website
Silk Sergeant's Lace for Royal Reg'ts
Staff Belt Plates
Cosmeston in peril
Basic Leather Colour
Baker Rifle Colour
ex soldiers in uniform?
Leather Cockades
Leather Work
95th Bibilography
The Duellists
Read through of the Green Book.
What the heck!!
95th Rifles shako on ebay (repro)
Recreating the cartridge pouch of the 95th
Happy New Year
Curiosity rules OK?
For you War Miniature gamers
Buckles - make your own
97th Regt Knapsack
Sourcing supplier of 95th uniform & shako
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