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War of 1812 Grand Tactical Photos
SBO has moved.
4th of July. Celebrated with reenactment!
Help please
Licenced to worry the french
Look whats up for grabs...
Waterloo Despatch 2009
Birthday Boy
some may like
Waterloo 2009
Camp stools
Double Bubble
Selling Uniform
Walcheren 1809-2009
Rifleman with pike
I'm baaack! (Like the proverbial bad penny)
Gloucester through the Ages
Original Cuthbertson Manual for Sale
Sewerby Hall
Snake belt buckles.
Dorstadt 2009 - What you missed
Soldiers of the Light Brigade cause trouble in Paris
Armed Forces Day
Newstead Abbey Event
Bugle badge
Events Weather Forecast
Militia rifle companies
Lighten up guys, its just a hobby... or is it?
Costumers get your towels. *drool*
Regency weekend, youtube
Would anyone like to date me!? ;)
Bolsover Castle
Blowing the Trumpet for you guys
details of carbines
News Letter
New Research
Chiltern Open Air Museum
Biographies of Napoleon.
War Birds
Happy International Pi Day
New Mel Gibson ACW Movie
New Battlewagon
Empire Total War- batteries not included.
Greatcoat Sling
A new home for the 2/95th Rifles
February Training Weekend
Sorry we missed Waltham Abbey
Joint Staff College Event
Ladies of the Camp
Nice Boys
The Corunna Boys
28th Jacket Construction
Prince Consort's Own
Sing, Sing or show us your...
95th Rifles...............The Indie Band??????
Pierre Turner Auction
Wellington Park
Letter From a Rifleman -- 1807
The 2nd 95th Rifleman 2009
Edinburgh University Press Free Access through February
"Valiant Stormer"
28th Regiment of Foot {North Gloucestersire}
The First training Weekend of 2009
Weather forcast
Corunna 2009
new Rifleman game
Unusual Pouch
Observation of a Tailor
The Belvoir Volunteers
Allied garrison in occupied France
Happy new year
Lego Riflemen
Old 33rd
Merry Christmas!
New Re-enacting Film
Individual Weapon Marks
Rifleman Tom Plunkett of the 2/95th.
Thomas Heapy
AGM 2008
Sharpe's Blog
Big guns.
Brush and Prick (Pick)
Dolman Jacket
Waterloo 2008
The Swords of the 95th
The Drill Taught to the 95th (Rifle) Regt.
In Memory!
Gower through the Ages.
Seasonal sign. (OT)
Sharpe's Peril
O'er the hills and what?
Baggage and Shako straps
The Highland Company
We will Remember Them.
Officer dress or court uniform
research findings web page
E Books
Period Drill Manuals
camp cots
NA French units improve drill for next season.
Looking for tips
Cooking and ovens
Powder Horn - 33rd Regiment
Dorchester pix
Waterloo 2009
Dorchester weekend
La Boissière
Empire: Total War
USA event.
2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade
Regency civilian clothing patterns
Storming the 'breech'
Lt Francis Doxat 95th rifles
British Infantry Rifle for sale
Senior Service
Military Pattern Shirts
Peter Dyson guns
Radical Riflemen
A 95th'campaign' Flag
I want my 1/2 pint of gin
General Whitelock
Corunna medal
Coin forgery and greatcoat buttons.
Legion of Honour
Happy Birthday
Vimeiro and Roliça Battle report, August 14-18th, Portugal
95th at Roliza & Vimiero
Captured French Eagles
Proof the 95th used carrier pigeons for communication.
Dinky pocket
British Mounted Rifle Company 1801
BBC, radio 4, Peninsular War
Corunna: A French Victory
Portsmouth caption competition
1784 line Infantry magazine pouch
The definition of camoflage
Forum Roleplaying
Colonel Coote Mannigham, he was the Man.
Joining the 2nd 95th Rifles and taking the Kings Shilling
Acting rank NCOs
Badge of the rilfe Corps
45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot
Cartridge Belt
Fall of La Haye Sainte
Re-creating the Officer's Sash
Cheap Boots
Rifleman Powell Incident
Rifleman Moore's Articles
Making use of the Kids
identify the machine gun
Clothing regulations post 1802
Recollections of a Rifleman's wife
Cartridge Pouches
Buttons on Cuffs
Advance Arms
Whistles whistle
Tea & Tobacco
Ammo Boxes
Powder Horn/Spout
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