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The Original Re-enactors Market
eBay find...
Undress / Fatigue dress / Waistcoats
In search of the "Belgic"
Colour serjeant's badge.
Skirmish magazine
95th Cap For Sale - Fake or real?
Cheap Rifle Supplier
Strange Genty
SK Photo's
Rifles B Day
Frank Packer - website & contact details
Cartridge Pouches - locations
Death of Pierre Turner
Crying down the credits
Anyone know what this is?
John Trotter's Archive
Volunteer Rifle Officer
Steam Sale
NA Forum
Birthday Boy
Cartridge rolling
Saluting with the sword?
Waterloo 2011
Where to buy good powder horn ?
Last minute dot com
Rifleman dancing
Original painting for sale
Canteen straps - colour of...
Part Time Help Wanted!
Caption competition
Sgts Court Martial offence
Baker for sale
Vilha Velho camp?
Bristol Downs.
Bugle horn ID
Miniature Portrait
War Gaming on Facebook (and elsewhere)
Leather Equipment.
Professor Richard Holmes RIP
Napoleonic Event in the States
Forage Caps
1802 Knapsack (Portmanteau?)
Project Hougoumont
Great flintknapper
Canadian Interests
Ring any bells?
Highlaw Shee
Rifle Requirements.
Pockets in trowsers?
Schedule of Contracts entered into by Commissary-in-chief.
Possible 95th Baker Sword Bayonet?
Portraiture and Court Dress
43rd Light Infantry Cap?
Buttplate question
Help 5th/ 60th buttons
Cavalry charge
Flintlock pistol set
Get emailing Fox studios
Military Button Manufacturers
Oilskin Covers for Shako's?
new activity to enhance living history camp
One for the Flashman fans.
Remember, Remember
Halloween knapsack find.
The 'THATCHER' knapsack
Returneth to the forum he has
1823 Pattern Knapsack
Of interest to anyone?
Regency fop.
My Knapsack
Bill Hooks
La Boissiere-Ecole Campaign Weekend
Re-enactment supplier going out of business sale
The Strength of Research
The 2/95th by Tim Nelms
William Surtees: Grave/Memorial & more
camp colours
Dress material
Mess Tin
what do you make of this?
Good old days.
Useful French phrases
Silk Lace
Bugle Jackets and Pearse Notes
Fort George visit
Better Trousers for the Rifles?
Sun block
Find the painting!
Waterloo 2010
Rifle Jacket - Feathering versus Piping
Waterloo medals 95th
Return to Weddeburne.
Transport to Waterloo
Where can I find a Sjt's Sword??
Tpt Waterloo
wanted - Brown Bess carbine or similar
audio and Video
Before Richard Sharpe
1803 Pattern Light Company Sword
Historical consultant for hire
Rifle regiments of the British Army in the Crimea.
Patterns for Uniform and Equipment
Trailer For Sale
period eye glasses
new weapons for the 2/95th?
baker rifle sword bayonet
Quilting and the 95th
several n00b questions... hi, by the by...
Newstead Abbey
Rifleman's Uniform
1808 Uniforms
Pictures from Saturday 20th March at Bolsover
Lock Covers
Fire basket
Jas Townsend sutlers
Flint sharpener
Boxes for sale
Womans clothing
cartridge tube making
replica coins
The Stockton Forest Volunteer Rifle Corps
Petty Chapman Greatcoat Pattern
History of Rifle Brigade by Cope
Original British Belgic Napoleonic Shako - ebay
Braces/ Supenders
New NA Chairman
Highland Fling
Have love, will travel.
1812 War Society
cancelled holiday
Now THATS what I call an event.
Mark Urban's "RIFLES"
The Gower Volunteers
Project Hougoumont
a great idea
Rev. John Gamble
New member ?
Christmas greetings from 21eme
Question for dressmakers
Old Website
REVWAR American Revolution & British Light Battalions
Wanted ~ Mess Tins
Chevaux de frise
big day !!
A little project.
New Sharpe Books Website
Sword Bayonet Fighting
The later Regimental Cap.
Cloth Notes from the Maberleys
Some were two feet in length with a girth of twelve inches..
Why we re-enact
Hi Ladies!
The sad case of Costello's Augustine
Help wanted.
European Library Site
What Storm Troopers do on their day off.
Kitting out a young Peninsular Officer out on the cheap.
How do i get into the members only section
Some blokes have all the luck...
Rfn George Walton
The prodigal as returned
For you EVE Online players - read "Drew"
Dressing the Children of the Regiment.
Men - and why we love them... in and out of Uniform
Commercial Vintage Pattern Archive Free for a week.
Greetings from Sir Harry Smith !
The Navy Lark
95th Officers Uniform
Westminster Light Horse Volunteers
The NA Committees decision to pull out of Dorchester
Comic Con 2009
Gower is Famous!
oily stuff and browning solutions
Camp Kitchens
More Hole than Man
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