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north foreland public house rochester

Hi guys, as promised, soon as emma and myself got a pub i'd let you all know, we move in on thursday. we want to make this a home for reenactors, your ideas are welcome. regards Jay and emma
Ben Townsend

Rochester, immm, dockyards, forts, yum.

At 240 miles, 3 days and 7 hours (no stopping) I don't think I could just walk there for a pint and back!

At 274 miles, 4 hours 44 minutes (no stopping, no traffic) not like I could just ask me dad for a lift!

And Google Maps is yet to invent Public Transport for this route.

On a lighter side. Great! One of my dreams is to open and live in a pub, dry stone wall tavern-like though.
Very nice castle! Smilie_PDT
The Sarge!

superjay, you will have to give the address and post code and who knows in the future a squad of Riflemen may appear at your threshold for refreshment.

Gor bloody hell, that's was my local. I used to dep in the recording studio next door and we used to go there quite often and get very mellow there {back in the days when I had talent, hair and tight buns}.

Serj Dave
Paul Durrant

Dave, you were a baker?

you may need them if you want to, DOUGH!

In fact they caused a quite a sensation around the old docks me old luver!!

Serj {just a quickie} Dave

the north foreland

hi guys, at last we have broadband activated and a phone line put in today. our address is the north foreland 325 high street rochester kent me1 1da 01634 812855.
come and have a chat.

nice to see you all on friday, hope your agm went well and look forward to seeing you again soon. we will be more than happy to put out any fliers etc in the bar.

It was a very nice pub (:
...I wouldn't mind visiting for a pre-AGM drink next year

mini military bring n buy

Hi guys,
we are holding our first bring n buy at the pub next sunday, any spare kit you want to flog or swap, bring it down, theres is no table fee, the roasties are free and we even supply the tables!!!!
the north foreland 325 high street rochester kent me11da

Hi Superjay, thanks for letting us know about the bring and buy. Sadly the unit has it's first training weekend this weekend so won't be able to make it but let know when the next one is, I have some crap er I mean some excellent kit to sell.

All Best

Serjt Dave

i certainly will, have a good weekend.

Bring n buy/ swap meet

We are now holding a casual bring and buy every sunday now, sometimes it gets quite busy and other times pretty quiet but always a chuckle and always plenty of roasties!!.
The north foreland 325 high street rochester kent me11da 01634 812855

Ohh I'm of this Sunday, so i might pop down.

Serjt Dave

good one, bring some old sh.... quality bits to  sell!

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