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New "Thatcher" Pack View?

I had a quick scan through this thread and did not see this image reproduced. Could this be another, contemporary view of a "Thatcher" pack?
Ben Townsend

It ought to be of that type. Finart 1815 occupation pic. Note the messtin lacks a cover. I think we add covers because we want them to be there, rather than through evidence?
simon shephard

A couple of things that grab me from that image is:

centre company shako plume with elite company shoulder wings (short tufts)
striped seams on the trousers
badge on the cartridge box

These seem wrong for an "infantryman of the line, English" and something else I can't read on the bottom of the picture.  But that may just be me.

Hello Simon
Yes we picked up on the odd details with him before.
As you are probably aware the Occupation prints do often throw up detail which seem inconsistent with what we "know".
The problem is assessing whether it is the artists eyewitness recording of detail or is it artistic licence?! The original sketch perhaps made at the time no doubt may undergo a different interpretation when it is being painted back in the studio.

Here is link to many more by Finart in the Anne S K Brown collection in case you are not familiar with them:;field1=ti_all&output=record
simon shephard

I had seen some of the prints on other subjects on this forum, but not a collection of them.  I have now got it bookmarked and will peruse at my leisure, well when I'm on night shifts.
There is a huge problem with interpretation of what the artist has ended up drawing, as you can focus on one bit that seems to support an argument, then to see that the rest of the picture is pretty much wrong as per our interpretation of the regs at the time.  Oh the joys of historical research!
Ben Townsend

You can also find a lot of Finart prints in The Royal Collection. Its now very easy to access,

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