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My apologies for my absence in posting.

Greetings gents,
I apologize that it has been so long since I've posted. Those pesky Unionists in Baltimore had me imprisoned on Federal Hill. ;)

I hope all is well! I saw this advertizement this week and thought of you all & thought' I'd share.

Can anyone tell me if those fine lads are in fact 95th OR just Light infantry? It's hard to tell but looks as if they would have been "stationed in Ireland 1807" according to the narration. I am sure it's creative license, but just curious IF was it somewhat accurate?

We are getting ready to start our 150th sesquicentennial season here in the "Colonies" so I am hoping that time allows me to put on my green jacket and "Inkermann" and talk to a few spectators.

Celer et Audax, and keep your powder dry & your flints "sharpe" lads!
Sjt. Mjr. "Williamson"
4th Btl. 60th Rifle Rgt.

Ben Townsend

Hi Zach,

Welcome back! Afaik the 95th had no elements in Ireland in 1807. By 1816-17 there was a battalion sized element over there, leaving a substantial correspondance on the excellence or otherwise of Irish tailors and capmakers.

Cheers, Ben

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