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Rob W L Dare

March 2011 Training Weekend

Hi all.

im intending to attend the training weekend later this month and was hoping to get some details about the event.

i have spoken to Dave Gower and he suggested i join the forum to speak to people and find out stuff so here i am Smilie_PDT


Hi Rob and welcome to our forum. I've have just sent you the Warning Order for the March training weekend.

Looking forwards to seeing you there.

All Best

Rfm/Serjt Dave
Ben Townsend

Prepare for a cold weekend camping. I don't know if you have a canvas tent, but thats what we sleep under at Bolsover, and though its lovely in the summer it can come as a bit chilly if you're not accustomed to camping out in March. We'll find space for you in someone's tent, or if you have a plastic tent Bolsover accomodates that too. Its more fun to be in camp with everyone else though. My unsolicited advice would be to get all your cold weather kit out, and then bring it all. Better to have too much kit than to take the risk of a cold night dulling your edge during the day. A good night's sleep really helps- you should see some of our tents, decked out with furs and carpets like the Sultan's Palace, and very nice too. Theres a time and a place for roughing it on campaign weekends, and winter training aint it.
Yours sybariticly, Rifleman Townsend

Another Rob, just what we need! ^_^

Welcome to the forum and I'll probably see you in a few weeks!

Reading this reminds me to invest in a new camp-bed and sleeping bag, mine having been ripped.
Hagman's roadie

Hi Rob,
Welcome to the forum.

Camp bed, blanket, army surplus sleeping bag (winter stylee) more blankets, duvet (yup, I bring a duvet LOL) and roll matt to put on the camp bed to keep the cold from getting up in yer bones. If it gets too hot you can remove stuff but too cold with no more layers is a real shitter.

During the day we'll warm you up with some good ole fashioned marching but a good set of thermal under crackers cant hurt.

Oh, wooly fingerless gloves.

See you there
Rob W L Dare

Obadiah wrote:
I've have just sent you the Warning Order for the March training weekend.

Hey, I havent received the Warning Order yet but all the other info is helpful

i look forward to attending

cheers Smilie_PDT

I cant open the the WO attachment sorry, could some one PM me with what time its ok to start arriving at the castle from, (on friday).

Cant wait looking forward to seeing you all, again.

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