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Lt. Dugald MacFarlane

Just came across this account of the service of a 95th Officer who joined in 1811 and later commanded a company of the 3rd Batt at Waterloo.
He retired to New Zealand on half pay.;l=mi&e=-------10--1----0--

Cant find any mention of him on using "search" on the Forum.

Also this family history link on MacFarlane:


Which even has a photo showing him wearing his Waterloo medal:

Paul Durrant

Eddie can you also copy this into the Archive under 'Riflemen who served 1800-1816' please.

Can you also copy and paste some of the info incase the link dies.

Ben Townsend

Interesting account of Colbourne's wheel as a a 'crescent formation'.

Ben Townsend

Love it Eddie. Now if you can just find a photograph of him in his 95th kit I will be really impressed.
Paul Durrant

Ooo!-Ooo! Got a name connection here!!

MacFarlane married a Drummond. The family of a Gen John Drummond - who served as a Lieut. in the Coldstream through Peninsula & Waterloo - had a military collection that included a ball-pouch with some tools reputed to have belonged to the 95th.

AND - there's a John Drummond in the Macfarlane clan genealogy also:

Suppose he could be a Lt at 17?

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