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Kelmarsh 2014

Hi all,

Just to say I saw you for the first time last weekend at Kelmarsh from the damp of the Ermine Street Guard camp - you looked fantastic, and whoever it was fifing and drumming on Sunday morning you kept me entertained for what felt like many hours.

Hope to see you all at Cannon Hall to see if I've got what it takes to put down the gladius, and take up the Baker Rifle...


Hi Dan and thanks. The music was provided {at no extra charge I hastened to add} by our Bugler Mr Edwards and the very talented Cpl Morrison.

We look forwards to meeting you.

All Best


Sorry about that Dan, nothing worse than noisy neighbours on a Sunday morn.
At least you were spared long reveille on the Bugle at 0700 which is our normal way to start the day - this was a concession for Kelmarsh - being multi period some re enactors do not like being so rudely awaken from their drunken slumbers. If you do join Napoleonics  - and camp within half a mile of a Rifle unit you have to put up with it and serves you right. As the saying goes 'If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined !'  q21

Come and see us at Canon Hall - if you want to camp with us over the weekend that can usually be arranged.

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