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Just saying hello

Hi just dropping by to say hello to everyone & say thanks Dave for the info through the post, I am very much looking forward to meeting up with you all in the new season.
I must confess to Sharpe being what gave me my interest in the period, but as I have seen in other posts i best keep the "S" word under control Smilie_PDT (apologies mr c, dave & others).
Just one question what do you all think is the best bit of kit to get 1st, 2nd,etc....
anyways alll the best & hope to meet up soon.

robert tucker

Hi Robert, welcome to our forum. Don't worry about the Sharpe thing, let face it most us have been inspired by the books and TV series to do this hobby in the first place. And it brings the Napoleonoic period to the public mind when every it is on TV, and if that brings them along to events and to learn more that's bloody great. Just don't walk round holding your rifle like an SLR and saying "You do Richard You do"

As regards kit etc, wait till you have signed on the dotted line and taken the King's Shilling and you will be firnished with a complete list of all the kit you will need. I'm glad to say that most of it is made within the unit now, this helps keeps the cost down. But the first thing you can do is apply for your shotgun certificate and powder liecence as these can take a long time to come through.

I will keep you informend of events and training weekend as and when they are confirmed, but in the mean time please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Looking forwards to meeting very soon.


Thanks Dave,
I have put in for shotgun etc so thats all good, must say like the sound of making kit in house hopefuly some new skills to pick up there, thanks once again for your hlep,
cheers rob

But the first thing you can do is apply for your shotgun certificate and powder licence as these can take a long time to come through.

Sorry for stealing your topic, but on next payment (whenever that is :?) I'm going to apply for mine.


i noticed you mentioned a shotgun licence im 17 in december was going to get a guitar but i cant fight hte french with rock but i cn with a rifle and license loli might be back soon if the rifle can be transported ona train that is as i cant afford the kit and driving lessons haha.

Got the rest of the stuff filled in and got it to the Station. Just need to wait for it now Smilie_PDT

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