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Iain Dubh

Hullo from America

Hullo all,
Thought I'd introduce myself, Iain Burns from New Jersey, portraying both the 42nd RH Regt for Napoleonic War and 1st Royal Scots for War of 1812. I also do The Black Watch and US Navy for WW2, and am an associate member of The Black Watch Association, Stoke-on-Trent branch (yes, THAT Stoke-on-Trent).
I was directed to the site from the Living History Worldwide board, with a link to some of the excellant info posted on Greatcoat straps. Over the next week or so I hope to explore all the threads to see what I can learn...
Paul Durrant


Great to have your input. Plough through the stuff.

If there are topics you would like us to expand on, we have a lot of stuff archived which, while only for paid up 95th members, we can always wheel out and put on the forum.

Perhaps we should put some stuff on knapsacks over? It's mainly just contemporary quotes and art refs, but some that may be of interest...
(I'll check with the powers that be).

Iain Dubh


Ta for the welcome, Paul.
Our unit QM has an absolute mania for packs, but I told him that he can't post here until he finishes his 1st Foot Regimental. He is on his third (or is it 4th?) pack pattern for the unit, and the group is only a bit over a year old. I'm a bit afraid of letting him come on here for fear that we will have a 6th and 7th pattern by the Fall!
He is trying to do the right thing, though... we want a pack that is as correct to period prints and documents as possible...  and if we have to make a guess here or there to fill in the gaps, we want to be able to say it is the best guess we could make.

Welcome... from the rainy part of the left coast.

Hi Iain again, and welcome to our forum.

Packs are a big thing for us as well. We thought we had cracked it with our MKVI version but it's all been turned up side down and I think we are now on MKX.

Looking forwards to your imput


Serj Dave

P.S I don't want you and Syvene teaming up, when you Yanks get together that's how the Revolution satarted. LOL.
Iain Dubh

Dave, I don't thnk you will to worry about me, at least... I was on the side of Law and Order during our bicentennary...

(but then, maybe that was the problem???)

Ben Townsend

Hi Iain,
Sounds like if you were sliced in half, you would be tartan all the way through. I'm reading about the Highland Clearances at the moment, and what with that and the land reform, struggling to find a good reason to  fight for Farmer George and resist Liberty Fraternity and Equality. Can anyone remind me why we are always saving the redcoats bacon?

ben wrote:
Can anyone remind me why we are always saving the redcoats bacon?

Because we're here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.

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