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How to Build a Rifle

There is a fantastic documentary style topic on how to build a rifle from Rifle Shoppe parts here. Beautiful results.

Having only got close to a British Infantry Rifle once, and now having seen this link, can someone show me what should lie beneath the patch plate (1800-1808 period).

The period Brander & Potts Rifle at the local museum has a simple rectangular box yet the one in this build has separate spaces for tools and patches and appears deeper. Has the builder used artistic licence or as with all things did economies in production cause changes over the years.

Paul Durrant

The one with the 'single-stepped' hingeplate, and the butt-trap with round and rectangle cut-outs, is Pattern 1800. The round for cut greased patches, the other for tools.

The other is an 1805 Pattern with plain rounded butt-trap hingeplate and a single compartment cavity

(The 1810 Pattern reverts to the round and rectangular holes but the hingeplate is different along with soe lock features.)

Info from British Military Flintlocks Rifles 1740-1840 by De Witt Bailey, Ch.9

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