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Hola! Hello! Guten Tag!

Hi I just wanted to say im still here, I still want to join but my boss (who thinks all re enactors are twats and idiots as he kindly put it the other day) found out that i was glad to have my weekend free for re enacting while over hearing me, he has now scheduled me in for every saturday and sunday for the next 6 months, I am fighting to book them off and get covered.

On the upside it will give me a chance to get some kit together.

I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the summer.

Kindest Regards Justen.......

P.S This time i wont disapear fopr 3 years (sorry Smilie_PDT )

P.P.S if you want to know where I work so you can personally nut him for his rude and frankly wrong statements ill let you know,
Hagman's roadie

Thats unfair treatment in my eyes chief. Of a discriminatory nature. He decides to rota you in deliberately for weekends after having overheard a conversation you were having with a colleague about an activity you like to do at weekends that he thinks is stupid. He also infers that he thinks you're a twat by association.
erm, HR dude. Put in a complaint.
Ben Townsend

What Si said. Sounds like a prize one.

I work in Mc Donalds so have dont really have any rights, atleast i had to sign them away if i wanted work, But some good news, a mamnager in another store got busted for perving on his staff, so in three weeks he is taking over as store manager here and our store manager is off to Hadleigh to replace there pervert of a manager and the person who is taking over our store is a twat who hates magic as he so frequently points out to me soooo he wont want me doing any on lobby and i should be free again, If not ill look for a transfer.
Hagman's roadie

So, you lose the berk and get a perv. Brilliant!!

I did not realise working at McDonalds was so stressful!

iain wrote:
I did not realise working at McDonalds was so stressful!

Its just rediculous i work my tits off for them bendig over backwards (hopefull with the new perv  Iwont have start bending over forward too) and all for 4.92 an hour, i never so no to shift if they really badly need help. i stay late when they need it all i aks for is the odd weekend and they say no!!!
Rob W L Dare

Hey Justin.

Yeah im in a similar but less arsey boss situation as i've just finished uni and wont know what is around the corner for the next few months but i'm spending the time getting kit sorted.

Since Bolsover i've missed the 95th so much and just want to get back into it as soon as possible which i dont think will be until the new year.

Hope everyone is good and i hope to see people again soon

Rob Smilie_PDT

P.s, Saw some pics from Waterloo and it looked good fun, wish i was there even as a spectator. Smilie_PDT
Paul Durrant

Hang in there Rob. Save yer pennies and contact me if and when you're up to buying bits of your leatherwork. We'll do it bit by bit.

Me thinking its going to be the same as rob, they have cut my hours short big time and i can barely afford to eat and pay bills, but im applying left right and centre for a real job so fingers crossed.

on the upside, i took a stand with the saturdays, i said if they want a magician they would have to pay the oging rate, they rather quickley gave me saturdays off lol.

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